A-Ko The Versus

Official Title A-Ko The Versus
Japan TitleA-Ko The VS[ヴァーサス]
Genresaction, alien, comedy, dragon, humanoid alien, new, romance, science fiction, space travel, super power, violence

In an alternate universe, A-ko and B-ko are bounty-hunter partners who hunt giant tortoises on a sand planet. When C-ko is kidnapped by a gang of space pirates, A-ko and B-ko set off to rescue her — thinking only of the reward money offered by her wealthy father. Aided by a pint-sized Galactic Police Officer named Maruten, the girls discover that C-ko's abduction is part of a much larger scheme. Gail, the charismatic leader of the space pirates, intends to use C-ko's body as a host for the spirit of Xena, a long-dead sorceress. Source: Wikipedia