Abashiri Ikka

Official Title Abashiri Ikka
Japan Titleあばしり一家
Genresaction, comedy, ecchi, large breasts, mafia, manga, shounen, super deformed, violence

The Abashiri family is deranged, dysfunctional and extremely dangerous, and they happen to be kingpins of disorganized crime. The most shocking thing, however, is neither the Abashiris' nearly superhuman abilities nor their reputation for wanton, senseless violence, but the fact that they have built such international notoriety with a gang of only five members! Of course, as Papa Abashiri would say: "Five may not be many, but it takes only five fingers to form a fist, a powerful force that can crush all opposition!" But Papa also admits: "Some fingers are more important than others, especially if you are pulling a trigger or flipping someone the bird." One such finger, the clan's sole daughter and aspiring thug, Kikunosuke, has the tough job of being a mob princess, so Papa has decided to send the apple of his eyes to a very special finishing school, one secretly run by a ruthless gang of arch-criminals. What he does not know is that the proprietors of this school for crime have no interest in graduating any of their students, most of whom seem to mysteriously succumb to fatal "accidents"! Can the young Kikunosuke fight her way out of this Finishing School of the Damned before she is finished off, or will the Abashiri family be looking for a new little finger? Note: Originally released as a feature part of Studio Pierrot's video magazine show Anime V Comic Rentaman (アニメ・V・コミック レンタマン) along with Yumemakura Baku Twilight Gekijou, Eguchi Hisashi no Kotobuki Gorou Show and Akai Hayate.