Aishiteru ze Baby

Official Title Aishiteru ze Baby
Japan Title愛してるぜベイベ★★
TypeTV Series
Genrescoming of age, high school, manga, romance, school life, shoujo

* Based on a manga by Maki Youko. Kippei is a ladies man. Always in trouble for flirting in class, after class, any time he can. So it is a big surprise to him when he gets saddled with watching Yuzuyu, a cute 5-year-old girl. Yuzuyu's mother has gone missing, and so Kippei's family is watching her until her mother can be found. Of course, since Kippei could use a few lessons in responsibility, he is the "best" choice for the job. Kippei's natural "mother" instinct is brought to the front while trying to do his best for Yuzuyu, but he is a boy. His ineptitude regarding the smallest things a mother would need to know (like how to pack a lunch for school) just show how difficult it is to care for a child. Source: