Aa! Megami-sama! (2005)

Official Title Aa! Megami-sama! (2005)
Japan Titleああっ女神さまっ (2005)
TypeTV Series
Genresangel, contemporary fantasy, deity, fantasy, magic, manga, romance, seinen, sudden girlfriend appearance

Morisato Keiichi is looking forward to university life. But he does not have much luck with anything, be they clubs, love, or daily life. And as it turns out he actually was born under an unlucky star. One day Keiichi is stuck with having to watch the dorm while his fellow seniors are away at some party, and to make things worse a mountain of work was forced on him. But good-natured — and easily taken advantage of — Keiichi goes right to work, and after finishing his chores, he makes a phone call. For once fate smiles on the hapless lad, and he reaches the Goddess Help Line. A moment later, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy exits the mirror in his room. But will the goddess help to finally end Keiichi's unlucky days?