Anime ? Where to Watch? Top 10 Websites for Anime Watching Online

Watching an anime may be no easier than streaming one online. Fans often cannot wait to see the latest anime episode of the preferred anime series which they always chase after.

SAO AnimeThe utmost freedom and convenience is granted via watching anime online in comparison with watching it from local TV stations or DVDs. If one doesn’t want to watch the anime episodes with ads on TV or wishes to watch the full episodes, top anime websites and good internet connection is all that is needed to have a go. A wealth of anime streaming sites are emerging just like mushrooms in the wild. Here is a list of top anime streaming websites to watch anime online. There are free, legal and paid websites as well.

On the web, one may find countless sites for watching free dubbed and subbed anime that help find a variety of entertaining anime shows and keep fans informed about all episodes of the favourite series. Following are the best 10.

GoGo Anime

GoGoAnime ScreenshotGoGoAnime is a website that is available worldwide, unlike sites like Crunchyroll and Hulu. Moreover, it is a dedicated site for all anime fans featuring vast contents from anime movies to Manga series. There are also dubbed cartoon and anime clips ready to stream in English. GoGoAnime has embedded video players which let anime lovers watch online subbed anime episodes with titles and captions on them. Many users visit this site and are fans of the quality it offers. The good part is that the website does not force people to watch irritating ads. This makes the experience more relaxed and reliable. The site features no search bar, but the left pane is well organised in order to locate anything one would search for.


KissAnime ScreenshotThe king of anime streaming sites is KissAnime. This website has made available a variety of anime to its lovers. KissAnime is optimised and consumes low-bandwidth which allows for full loading in about 10 seconds. It uploads anime series in a steady manner in every quality possible, similar to YouTube’s from 240p to 1080p for a wide variety of devices. No registration is needed for streaming and watching exciting anime episodes but visitors will not be able to download or participate in community discussions.


ChiaAnime ScreenshotAnother free anime site that does wonders for its visitors is Chia-anime. It allows for easy access to all of the well known anime series from all time as well as the latest ones for free. This website is a must-visit due to its dedication. Update frequency of episodes is very high as Chia-anime updates them 10 times faster than other sites. It provides high quality English subbed anime that can be easily downloaded and streamed via a single click.


Crunchyroll ScreenshotA legal anime website, Crunchyroll has organised the best of anime collection. The site is available in most countries and boasts features similar to premium sites. Some anime videos are accessed for free, while the rest can be viewed after subscription to premium membership which offers ad-free experience. This site is for those who don’t care about money and choose legal quality. Crunchyroll provides access to the latest manga discussions, shows and more. Premium users are able to Simulcast the newest episodes as soon as an hour after airing in Japan with an ad-free experience.

The good news is that the site offers a 14-Day Free Trial of Crunchyroll Premium and after that visitors can watch unlimited anime from US$6.95 per month which they can cancel online anytime.


AnimeSeason ScreenshotAnimeSeason is polished, simple and well organized, with almost no adverts. Some of the most famous anime series include from Hunter X Hunter to Diamond no Ace. The embedded video players let customers watch anime episodes with titles and captions on them. On the left pane one could easily search for a favourite show from the category tabs or archives. AnimeSeason has done a good job for offering the anime series to users.


One should visit Anime44 (AnimeNova) in case he or she is looking for diverse anime genres, from mythical to drama. This website boasts a good looking interface with beautifully organized anime series. Dubbed anime versions are offered to those who do not understand Japanese. Daily cartoons, movies, episodes and manga are also featured.


Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven ScreenshotAnother free site for watching anime is Anime Heaven. Here visitors will be able to discover their favourite Movies, Ongoing Series, Anime Series and Cartoons, and select the new shows by year, genre and rating. Anime Heaven has the advantage to allow users download their favourite anime to a computer with different video quality.



AnimeHere ScreenshotAnimeHere offers premium viewing experience. It is a must-to-visit site with no advertisements. All anime series are helpfully organized within categories. Subbed series and original versions are both available. Playing videos requires just a single click. The site is free and anime lovers don’t have to register or create an account to view clips.



9Anime ScreenshotFor anime fans who prefer to watch dubbed anime or want to stream anime in English, the website 9anime is one of the best anime streaming sites. It is a free high-quality anime site for watching HD anime online. The Japanese art of anime is a good choice to go for subbed or dubbed version in order to enjoy this amazing art. If you have to choose between Кissanime and 9anime, bet on which is a way better than Кissanime because of its alluring and simple content.

Anime Freak

AnimeFreak ScreenshotThe website Anime Freak might look a bit unpolished and disorganized but beholds its anime power as the latest episodes and exclusive content can be seen here. The site makes searching for favorite series very simple. Visitors can view contents from the archives or use the search button. Both original and dubbed anime versions are available. The website offers a separate category for the latest, most popular anime. Customers can browse using the genre tab and get precisely what they are looking for. It’s also not everywhere people can get manga to read along with the latest anime episodes on the stock. Anime Freak allows for easy reading of manga on their platform which is a great news for all manga readers.

Best Legal Sites For Watching Dubbed and Subbed Anime


Hulu ScreenshotThe website Hulu is famous for high quality videos and a wide selection of series and anime films. Hulu is a good site to go if one wants to stream anime contents. But visitors must have in mind that Hulu it is not available in all parts of the world. In the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Asia, it is easily accessed. Out of the United States the website may be watched via VPN services. Hulu videos feature many categories and there is even original content available for streaming. A subscription to Hulu Plus allows for getting more content to choose from. The name of the anime just has to be inserted on the search bar in order to find the right answer.


Daisuki ScreenshotAnother website for legal anime online streaming is Daisuki. Its inventors put light on what the site is by claiming it is the newest innovation created by major anime production companies in Japan that have continued to cater for anime development. This way, Daisuki is an official resource which provides everything from anime that all are crazy about to one that is rarely known, as well as the latest produced anime in highest quality. It is a real and official anime site where people can watch legal high-quality anime with premium membership. Daisuki has a good anime collection but the series can be accessed only through premium membership.


Funimation ScreenshotFunimation is a well-run business challenging the capabilities and providing the best legal anime streaming. The site this way holds the official title. Every anime that one is going to watch on it is a Funimation licensed Anime video in subbed or dubbed version (English dubbed Anime). This smart business expects premium membership. The dubbed versions are only available to premium users. However, the subbed versions are easily accessible by free users. And if one does not bother the money, he or she can properly use the site.

Some of the very best anime streaming sites have been researched for our readers. In case you don’t want to spare your money, websites like Chia-anime, Kissanime and Anime Season, are worth a visit. But if you don’t bother about the money and wish to go for premium membership, better choose Crunchyroll and Daisuki. Do not waste your time but stream your favourite anime right now.